The artwork is part of the “Fragments” series.
We come from the light, we are pure energy, clean, innocent. We are life.
The world we come to is littered with many different forms of evil. Evil takes so many forms and is so present in our lives that it has become quite commonplace. Society gives them an attractive aura that creates our daily addictions. Many of them seem fine at first glance, the line between moderation and addiction is extremely thin and many of us cross it easily.
I find it very disturbing that these elements of evil have entered “normality”. Cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, technology, all of these surround us. Humans now grow in their midst. The children who are coming to the world are already part of the so-called “normal”. Children are born into families in which future parents consume alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, fast food and enjoying television. Moms who bear them in their womb are exposed to different parts of the evil of our society and even if some strive and manage to keep a diet as much as possible, work forces them to stand in front of a laptop or stand for hours, not to mention stress.
The process by which people come into the world has become trivial. Pregnant women are standing in the means of transport, they are embarrassed even when sometimes attacked, they work 8, 9 hours a day and in many cases they are threatened with the termination of the employment contract. In their “help” comes fear, stress, violence, hatred, racism, intolerance and ignorance that lead to wars and death.
Pollution, deforestation, global warming are real problems that affect us even before we are born.
The “banality of the evil” actually hides the most serious problems of mankind.

Welcome to our world

90x90 cm

acrylic on canvas


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