The Innocent - Dana Simion

The artwork is part of the “India” series.
I met The Innocent in India in 2018. He meditated in a cave in the mountains, a cave in which other predecessors of his also meditated. The place that surrounded the cave was full of light, quietness, greenery and monkeys. The Innocent welcomed us with open arms, told us about the cave and those who meditated there, invited us to meditate together. His figure immediately intrigued me. He had a mysterious and friendly air at the same time, his hair was covered in a headscarf and the lower part of his body covered with a piece of cloth. After we became friendlier he uncovered his hair and gave us a real show. His hair was down to his ankles, caught in Rastafarian locks and a truly wonderful smile. I can truly that he had the most wonderful smile I have ever seen. A content smile that started from his pure soul, this man really laughed with his soul.

The Innocent

90x90 cm

acrylic on canvas


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