The artwork is part of the “Fragments” series.
Nature is perfect as is and it always has been perfect. It is full of color and life. You can learn color from a flower, from a butterfly wing or the flight of a bird. Nature seems untouched, unaffected by anything and when I think that it fades every winter and then it is reborn every spring perfect and wonderful. Nature is always there for us, waiting for us. Reintegration in nature is fast and natural, in society it can prove to be a real test. We always feel close to nature, it is absolutely indispensable. In nature, every blade of grass, every branch, every gust of wind, every drop of rain is where it needs to be, nothing is extra or random.
As far as humanity is concerned, people are subject and allow themselves to be subjected to the limits of society, subject only to visible limits because no one can know what is happening inside each individual, in the mind and soul of each of us. Every human being is a unique individual and our greatest freedom lies in our own way of using our imagination, creativity and by expressing ourselves as best we can. It’s comparable to what we dream. Dreams cannot be controlled or constrained in any way.


90x120 cm

acrylic on canvas


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