Portal 9 - Dana Simion

“Portal 9” is part of the “Portals” series, a series which I’ve started in January 2018 and completed in March, being a spontaneous and free gesture full of colour and freshness. For me it is a “tonic” series in which I “escaped” by introducing passages from landscapes into abstract structures.
Through the artwork a window opens to a world full of blossoming trees, a world of flowers, with sun and peace, peace within my soul, peace within my spirit. I can reach out and touch the branch, smell the scent of the blossoming trees, feel the warmth, the light, become filled with optimism and joy. To awaken to life as nature does again and again without stopping.
“Portal 9” brings nature home.
The artwork is painted in acrylic colours, laid on canvas by juxtaposing colour in knife, brush or hand-stretched colour or cloth.

Portal 9

80x80 cm

acrylic on canvas


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