The artwork is part of “Fragments” series.
I was inspired by the Vinca culture, an inexplicable culture even after 7,700 years. I was impressed and intrigued by a small terracotta mask that looks more like a representation of a deity and ancient writings.
I used canvas stretched over a wooden frame as a support for the work. The base and sides of the canvas are painted in phosphorescent acrylic over which comes the calligraphy written in acrylic, this forming the background of the work. The central figure is made of modelling paste in bas-relief then painted in acrylic and patinated in places. I chose to oversize that mask to emphasize the importance of the past and the seemingly unworldly features. In semi-darkness or total darkness a strong contrast is created between the base and the central figure, the work takes on a mysterious air, the calligraphy becomes a code that is meant to be deciphered.
Vinca culture can be an endless source of inspiration. It seems that on this planet culture has known progress and the periodic cataclysms that the planet goes through have made us return to another stage of civilization and start again, a kind of history repeats itself. This culture considered to be Stone Age is in fact a culture of metallurgy. The bronze and bronze and bronze and bronze artifacts discovered testify to this. The people of these times represented by terracotta statuettes wore clothes made of materials they wove in weaving wars, variously colored and sewn with different decorative patterns as today. Women wore jewelry and trousers in some representations. Their plastic art shows a rather advanced artistic interpretation. Modern stylizations are used and the symbolism has not yet been deciphered. They invented forms of writing, systems of symbols through which they tried to communicate what they had to say. They invented the modern “spa” by creating pools in the area of hot springs and minerals, which were beneficial to their health. They invented toys. Dozens, hundreds of miniature statues representing people, furniture, animals were found in their domestic universe. The statues of this culture have human features but represent deities because they have the face of birds or snake gods. Vinca creations shock, amaze and astonish by the shape of the faces. These “ancestors” appear to be individuals of a civilization that is more advanced than primitive. Looking at the cave paintings, the plastic art of statues and vases thousands of years old, the metalwork, one can’t help but wonder: Were these people primitive or advanced?

Past or Future?

90x90 cm

acrylic and modeling paste on canvas


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