Mudlark 1 - Dana Simion

The work is part of the “India” series.
After my second foray into India in 2018 I chose to recreate the faces of some of the people I photographed from the crowd. The little girl in tattered clothes was begging on the streets of New Delphi. I was hugely impressed by the expression on her face, the pain intertwined with despair and fear, weariness and resignation. This little girl tells the story of thousands or perhaps millions of beggar children whose fates lie in the hands of fate. For the rest of us they are a fringe of an unknown reality, a moment in a life hanging by a thread. A little outstretched hand that you may or may not take the time to put a penny for. I chose to paint the little girl’s face so I could show it to as many people as possible. We may not look much into the eyes of a beggar but I hope we can look and feel a painting. This reality, this dark and sad part of the world is good not to be ignored. These children are our kindred, they are inhabitants of this planet, they are part of our world even if we close our eyes or dare to look at them.

Mudlark 1

80x80 cm

acrylic on canvas


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