The artwork is part of the “Beauty will save the world” series.
Our planet, Gaia, Mother Earth has feminine energy. The Earth is guided by nature’s cycles, by the seasons. The seasons flow one after the other in a subtle rhythm, humanity being unable to intervene in this process. Nature is reborn every year. The creatures of this planet, each having their own role. After every day night follows and after sunset the Moon rises. Everything has a fantastic, amazing, natural course that seems to be a meticulous, very well thought out schedule, like a perfectly designed script. Gaia has great wisdom. We could learn a lot from nature, from the Moon and the Sun, the Earth and the waters, from the creatures that live here. We could learn to be a part of the natural course of this wonderful planet. The planet deserves to be listened to and understood. Mother Earth offers us life in all its forms.



acrylic on canvas


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