The artwork is part of the series “Beauty will save the world”.
We are all different, but how different? So different so we can’t coexist in peace? So different physically, speaking so many languages… and yet, how can we feel each other even from a distance, even when we don’t speak the same language? What makes us come back to old friends, after years, and realize we are still so connected, despite the time that has passed? What makes us resonate with people we have just met as if we’ve always known each other? It’s our souls, longing for each other, despite all the differences?
The soul can never be corrupt. The soul remains true, the center of our being.
Can an upside-down world still see the light? Can it find the strength to move forward? The answer is in each of us, we just need to look for it inside.
What does the light globe symbolize? Perhaps wholeness, unity, eternity, perfection, the higher self, protection.
What does the sight of wings awaken in us? Perhaps protection, freedom, the pursuit of light, liberation.
Creativity is the essence of being, creativity ends our suffering and brings us together.
Creativity keeps our spirit alive.
Life comes with tremendous gifts. And yet, what is missing? Why we are not allowing ourselves to feel? When did we stop seeing that we are all ONE? The light is in all of us, never leaves us.
We need to SEE and FEEL everything that we are: a globe of light, wings of light.
What if, instead of apathy and aggression, we would treat each other with care and respect? What if we would offer a sincere smile every time we encounter another human being? Only then we can see the light in each other. And that would make us ONE.

Different together

200x120 cm

acrylic on canvas


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