“When the dreamer gets to control his dream perfectly, it can become a masterpiece.” Don Miguel Ruiz
It is the third large-scale work in the ”Self-Love – Journey to self discovery” series. I referred to the trinity: body, soul and mind. Treading on quicksand I seek balance between the three elements. Looking for balance, I find the moment when the three elements intertwine to become one and then I know it is the right moment to tell a story in colour. Chess is the sport of the mind. The chessboard is like life, it all depends on the next move you make. The chessboard symbolizes the duality of this world: man-woman, light-dark, positive-negative, black-white, yin-yang. The presence of the red square symbolises life, free will, the possibility of being able to intervene in this duality and change the course of things. I feel like a red square in this huge chessboard of the world where I have the power to express my point of view, to express myself through shape and colour.
I was inspired by Don Mguel Ruiz’s book “The Art of Love” and especially the chapter “How we can look through the eyes of love”. This short story talks about how we can look carefully at our bodies through our own loving eyes. We are perfect exactly as we are built. It is the mind that judges us, sabotages us and does this because of the preconceived opinions we have about what is right and what is wrong, what is beautiful and what is ugly always striving for perfection. In this situation the soul suffers. By learning to accept ourselves as we are, to give up self-reproach, we manage to have beneficial relationships with those around us. Others see what we transmit. What is important is our own opinion of ourselves, if we can be aware of this, the opinions of others are not as important, they stop affecting us. We are what we think we are.
In fact it all starts from loving our body. By loving our body we become free and happy. Loving our body aligns us with our mind and soul as one. There are various techniques to learn to love our body and it is good to practice them until all traces of rejection disappear. The day you can adore your own body you feel infinite happiness and boundless freedom. This is self-love, love that we project onto others.


200x90 cm

acrylic on canvas


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