“When the voice of my heart touches my words
I know it and that’s how I know myself. ” Tagore
The artwork is part of the “Self-Love – Journey to self discovery” series, being the second one in the series. I chose to paint a moment from an absolutely ordinary day, a day when light floods everything transforming shapes and the ordinary becomes a memorable spectacle. The light projected by the sun brings me peace and tranquility, calms the spirit and calls me to meditation and dreaming. I am fascinated by the contrast between light and shadow. Shadow is as impressive as light, it has a thousand mysterious stories. I am obsessed by their intertwining, their complementarity, their need to complement each other. Everything around is shadow and light, we humans are created from shadow and light.
The moment I let myself be led by the light my body becomes light, my mind relaxes, I am one with light and shadow, I am part of them and they are part of myself. It’s a perfect moment and I wish it would always stay with me, that I could always return to it. It’s a perfect moment for new work. Looking and thinking about reality differently, I felt empowered to look at the world upside down, it was easier, more convenient, it was easier to transpoze myself into the story. The work is actually the play between light and inner shadow, discovering the light by embracing and integrating the shadow. This aspect is underlined by the presence of the lotus, a flower that emerges on the surface of the lakes without being touched by the mud in the depth of the water, symbolizing purity, rebirth, beauty, transcendence.
I was inspired by Richard Rudd’s book “Keys to the Genes”, specifically the 11th key – Darkness, Idealism, Light. This “Key” opens up a new world – that of light. It looks at human sight – both the inner and the outer. Human suffering is deeply connected with the ability or inability to access the powers of clarity through light. The right hemisphere of the brain is considered the feminine side of the brain and is responsible for lateral thinking, intuition and artistic sense appearing illogical and idealistic while the left hemisphere is represented by the masculine side being the voice of control and reason. The historical repression of feminine power and women in general has led to a manifestation of the imbalance of our brain chemistry. Starting to think with the right hemisphere again will bring back the much needed balance to the world of forms in which we live.
Reaching the light is only done by traveling through the darkest aspects of the psyche. Light is only found within the darkness. You don’t reach the light without embracing the darkness. There is a great dynamic of Shadow propagating in the world. Religions seek the light “up there”. Light has never been outside of us but is at the heart of matter itself. Nowadays everything is classified as good and evil. Mass consciousness works from the left hemisphere of the brain. The feminine principle of darkness coming from the right hemisphere has been stifled against the light. Therefore an increase of darkness always precedes the appearance of true light. Pure light has nothing to do with good and evil, it represents the transcendence of duality.

Catching dreams with open eyes

200x90 cm

acrylic on canvas


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